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Meet Lovemore Kalinda – International Trip Leader

Hamish McMaster

From Porter To International Trip Leader The name of this man just makes you smile, let alone meeting him. Lovemore Kalinda was born in 1976, the eldest of 5 children. In 1994, he finished his secondary education in Victoria Falls and for the following three years earned his living carrying rafts into and out of […]

What Is Your Real Job? I’m A River Guide.

Hamish McMaster

This is a fairly comical question almost every river guide is asked. In actual fact whilst working in Switzerland, it was a question I was asked on a daily basis. I guess it seemed strange to the Swiss that somebody might spend their life guiding people down the world’s best rivers. So what is it, […]

Just What Makes A Good Guide, Great?

Hamish McMaster

The essence to a great river trip are the guides who accompany you on your adventure. Many times guides are asked, “so, what’s your real job”? Many have chosen to make guiding a career, where their skills always involves wonderful river guiding skills, it is what lies beneath these fascinating characters, that makes them special. […]

Meet Steve Hammond – Water By Nature Trip Leader

Hamish McMaster

Steve Hammond , our charming Englishman, answers a few questions in between his busy schedule in Nepal. Tell us why you like guiding for Water By Nature? Morocco, Zambezi ,Turkey and Nepal! What amazing places to have your work!! It still blows me away that i get to go to all these amazing countries and […]

Meet Zambezi Legend – Dave Humpleby

Hamish McMaster

Find a little more out about some of the great folks that take you on your whitewater rafting holidays. Name: Dave Humpleby Nickname: Brave Dave Nationality: British Time Spent Rafting: 25 years How long have you been rafting? Since the Jurrasic Era What is your favorite 3 Water By Nature destinations. Zambezi. Zambezi. Zambezi. The […]