Water by Nature trips cover a variety of destinations.  For some of the countries where we operate you will need to obtain a visa, in addition to having a passport, before you can enter and begin your adventure. Visa requirements vary according to your destination and your nationality.  To find out whether your specific trips requires a visa please contact our recommended passport and visa company. CIBT has offices in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands and will provide you with visa informaiton and, if a visa is needed, they can assist you in obtaining the necessary visa stamp.

Travellers not residing in the United States who are participants in the Visa Waiver Program, are required to apply under the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) system prior to travelling to the United States of America.

It is your responsibility to ensure all your travel documents are in order before you begin your river experience.  Please use the link provided for all your visa questions and to apply for visas for Nepal, India and Ethiopia.  www.uk.cibt.com/waterbynature

Please note, before departure, we recemmend that you have at least 6 months validity left on your passport plus 2 clear and un-stamped visa pages. (preferably facing each other).