The stunning British Virgin Islands situated in the Caribbean are an amazing sailing destination.  This picturesque archipelago comprises 4 main islands and many other smaller ones and is a popular yachting destination.  The reef protected bays provide beautiful white sandy beaches to relax and take in the excellent bar, restaurant and live music culture in the area. There are plentiful National Parks and you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to snorkelling spots.

At a glance


8 days



Arrival Airport

Lettsome (EIS)

Air Temp

31°C / 90°F

Water Temp

28°C / 82°F





There is nothing quite like island hopping in the Caribbean. Join us for our incredible sailing adventure exploring the stunning British Virgin Islands. This volcanic archipelago is a British colony and consists of many gorgeous islands which we’ll visit, where you’ll have plenty of time to swim in the azure water beaches in the many sheltered anchorages. We choose to visit in the quiet season, allowing a more relaxed time.

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