Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its’ offshore islands. A country of immense cultural and biological diversity, it’s known for its beaches and coral reefs. Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere REALLY different? This may be your next vacation. Papua New Guinea is also home to amazing rivers fed from the mountains and dense rainforest. Explore this fascinating destination with us in September and October. We’ll also explore the stunning outlying islands on the sea kayaking portion of the trip before flying back to Cairns at the end of our unique adventure.

At a glance


14 days



Arrival Airport

Cairns (CNS) Australia

river grade
Air Temp

35°C (95F)

Water Temp

24°C (84F)


7 nights


6 nights

Love adventure? This is proper expedition style adventure travel off the beaten track. Journey with us where very few people have travelled before to the fascinating destination of Papua New Guinea. Not only will you get to explore the world class...

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