Will you meet me at the airport?

Yes, when you arrive on the planned arrival day. If you arrive prior to this day, we can arrange an airport transfer at an additional cost. We’ll take you to your hotel and make sure you get settled in nice and comfy!

How big is the yacht we sail on?

Normally around 50-60 feet long. It is a monohull and has 4-5 cabins. It has a galley (kitchen area) and seating above and below deck, plus plenty of areas just to relax and get some sun. The cabins take two people on a ‘double’ basis and there is also a bunk room on most yachts we normally use for a single traveller if that is you. Most of the cabins have their own ‘head’ (toilet) with shower and wash basin, but some people may have to share facilities. There is also an outside shower to rinse off sea water after a swim.
A yacht in a secluded clear water bay

One of our ‘homes’ on our sailing vacations

Will I get seasick?

Probably the question we get asked the most! In our experience, if you stay up on deck (and not below) while we’re sailing you unlikely to feel sick at all. For our guests who are concerned, there are some patches available to put behind your ear, which take the sensation away. In the evening, when we’re settled into a quiet bay, with gentle lapping of the sea on the hull of the boat, it is calm and so it won’t be an issue when you sleep down below.

I’ve never sailed before? Will I be okay?

You don’t need to know how to sail on our sailing holidays as a skipper and deckhand are on board to do the work. That said, it’s a great opportunity to learn your port from your starboard, and a winch from a bimini. Our crew will invite you to have a go helming the boat, trimming the sails or grinding on the winch to get the sails up. They may ask you to tie on fenders and we will teach you how to tie the relevant knot to do so. You might be asked to pass a line to someone on shore when we’re coming into port, but they’re simple tasks and full instructions are given. It’s relaxed fun and learning some sailing skills is a great way to get even more out of it.
A woman pulling a rope through a winch on a sailboat

You’ll be part of the team helping trim sails and also helm the yacht

What is there to do when we get to port or anchor?

We normally select a gorgeous secluded bay for lunch and for our evening mooring. There will be plenty of time to go for a swim, a paddle on a Stand Up Paddle board, or just relax and chat to your fellow sailors.
If we come into one of the ports such as Hydra in Greece or Starigrad in Croatia, there are wonderful little shops to explore and cafés to enjoy while people watching. In some locations you can go for a hike or take in some ancient sites. Mostly, it’s fun to simply wander through the narrow streets, take some photographs and absorb the local culture.

What are the bathroom facilities like on board?

In general, onboard our yacht you’ll have 3 heads (a combination toilet / shower / wet room). Unlike our more ‘rustic’ toilets on rafting trips, these are normal sit down toilets and once you have done your business, can be flushed by pumping a handle. Waste goes into a tank for disposal later. The bathrooms also have a small wash basin, an area where you can store your cosmetics and washing products and a shower with hot water. We provide bath towels so you don’t need to pack those.

Are there charging/power/WiFi facilities on board?

Yes. There are USB chargers for your phone. On nights we are on anchor, we operate off battery power, which also powers our fridges, lights inside the boat and navigation and mooring lights. There are also European plugs on board our boats in Greece and Croatia, but if you are desperate for hair straighteners and hair dryers, we recommend the battery-operated variety. But trust us, by the end of the trip you won’t worry about hair or make up.
When in port, we are often connected to shore power and there will be plenty of opportunity to charge devices. We also have Wifi on the boat which is suitable for updates, texting etc, but may not work wither larger files or projects. The lesson there? Leave work behind!

What sort of luggage and clothing should I bring?

It is important to bring a soft bag. There are few places on board to store any wheeled cases and these would need to be left behind before departing. Each cabin has plenty of space to store clothing and most have a small wardrobe. Clothing on the boat is casual and most wear swimming costumes with various sun protection garments over the top. Sunhats are a great idea, that can be affixed to your head. The sun is not a massive problem whilst sailing, given that the yachts have a bimini (sun protection) over the cockpit area. Perhaps one of the most important items of clothing to bring are white soled shoes for the deck of the boat and a quick dry towel which is useful for swimming.
Evening wear for restaurants can be as relaxed or smart as you like. This isn’t a cruise where you need to bring black tie! And remember, you are highly likely to be travelling to dinner in a dinghy. Chinos/shorts and shirts for men, summer dresses/tops and casual trousers for ladies are perfect.

What can I do before or after my trip?

We offer extensions before or after our trips. In Croatia, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Montenegro, enjoying a rafting trip on the Tara River and exploring the beautiful area of Kotor. On our Greek trips, you can explore Athens over and above the days we already offer. It is an ancient city worth an extended stay. Many of our North American Guests, also take the opportunity to explore areas of Europe as well, such as Italy, Switzerland or Germany. We’ll be happy to offer our advice on travel in this area.

Can I come on my own?

Absolutely! Many of our guests travel on their own. You can either have a twin cabin on your own (there is an additional charge) or we can usually accommodate guests in the bunk room on board the yacht (on your own) The trips by their nature are extremely social, so don’t worry, before too long, you will have made life long friends.

How many people might be on board?

We take up to 9 guests with a skipper and deckhand. The trips are always very social, but there is time to head off on your own as well to go and explore!

What is the food like? Can you cater for dietary preferences?

We pride ourselves on wonderful food. Some of the food is prepared on board the yacht, such as cooked breakfasts of omelettes, pancakes and fresh fruit platters with granola and yoghurt. Lunch may include fresh salads and cold cuts of meat along with wraps and artisan breads. Apres sailing is when the fun starts! Canapes, wine and cheese, before heading out for a wonderful meal together.
If you have special dietary needs, please let us know in advance. We try to accommodate most requirements but some ingredients can be hard to find in the smaller port towns.
Exquisite plate of food

Exquisite plates of food from Michelin Star restaurants

Are all meals and drinks included?

All meals are included and we provide a reasonable range of beers and wines whilst on board the boat. Drinks at restaurants are not included.

What’s the weather like? Does it ever get rough?

Our trips typically run in June and July in Croatia, September and October in Greece. While you can never guarantee the weather, it is typically hot and sunny every day with a gentle breeze for sailing. We’ve had days where it is flat calm with no breeze and we have to motor – great for a swim right in the middle of the bay and for spotting dolphins. Some days the wind picks up and those are the days our guests always say are their favourite as we can really start to pick up speed. There will be competitions as to who can get the ‘windows in the water’ or the fastest boat speed while on the helm.
In October in Greece, this is a wonderful time to visit once the summer rush is over.  Wind is more variable, but a better chance of good, consistent breeze. Very occasionally a brief storm late in the season may come through. We watch for those and would seek refuge as a suitable harbour until it passes, with more time for shopping and enjoying harbour life at local cafes.

Can I book a private sailing trip just for my friends/family and I?

Absolutely. We have set dates that we run trips but if you want to book a private trip, let us know the dates you’re thinking about and we will make the rest happen.