At a glance

10 days
Arrival Airport
PPT (Papeete)
Air Temp
26°C / 80°F
Water Temp
27°C / 81°F


Ready to experience paradise? Join us on our 50-foot yacht in this Pacific idyll as we sail to a number of postcard-perfect islands with turquoise lagoons, palm trees, and plentiful and varied marine life. There are more than 100 islands in this spectacular archipelago and we’ll explore a selection of them, enjoying the pristine beaches as well as the mountainous interiors with lush green valleys, majestic waterfalls and archeological sites. A highlight will be a truly spiritual experience of swimming with Humpback whales that migrate from Antarctica. This is regarded as the world’s top ranked destination for swimming with these gentle giants. We’ll also delve into the fascinating island history and enjoy a melting pot of local cuisines – from casual food trucks to romantic French-influenced fine dining. We top and tail our trip with stays at luxurious hotels with beach front or over-water thatched bungalows.  Have we whet your appetite? Let’s go.


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Destination Map

What you will be up to


Welcome to French Polynesia. Flights tend to arrive in the morning and our skipper will greet you at the airport and we take our onward flight to Moorea where we spend the night at our beachfront bungalows

Included: Dinner and flight


Today, sees us start our trip with an unforgettable adventure. We have a private full day tour with marine biologists, naturalist guide and boat captain to get the best opportunity of swimming with humpback whales. During their migration from Antarctica, the whales swim in the clear waters where they look for  a mate and nurture their young. This is a truly remarkable and not to be missed experience. Return to our hotel bungalows to relive our ‘spiritual’ experience over cocktails at sunset.

Included: All meals and swimming with whales


After a great night sleep listening to the ocean, we’ll have breakfast together and fly on to Raiatea where we board our 50-foot home for the next week. Get settled into your cabins, stow your gear as we sail southeast along the eastern coast. We stop at Faaroa Bay, a fjord-like indentation cutting deep into the shoreline. Steep mountains rise on either side of the inlet, lush with tropical vegetation and tall palms. Beyond is the valley of Mt. Tefaatuaiti. Aside from its stunning beauty, the main attraction of the bay is the opportunity to explore the Aopomau river by dinghy. In no other place in French Polynesia can you take a river trip! As you head up the river, jungle fronts both shores, interspersed with the cultivated lands of working plantations. The mountains are ever present, looming above like watchful sentinels. At an elevation of approximately 3,400 feet above sea level, Mt. Tefaatuaiti is the tallest peak in the Tahitian Leeward Islands.

Included: All meals


After freshly brewed coffee and a healthy breakfast aboard our yacht, we’ll hoist our sails and make our way to Huahine, a Garden of Eden with its orchids, banana groves and spectacular coconut plantations. Once the home of Tahitian royalty, Huahine is considered the cradle of Polynesian culture. The island maintains the largest concentration of ancient marae (temples) in French Polynesia, some of which are believed to date back to the original ancestors of the Tahitians—the Lapita people—around 700 AD. Enjoy a relaxed evening meal together. There will be plenty of time to explore this stunning island.

Included: All meals


This morning after breakfast on board, we sail to the south of the island, to Bay d’Avea where we’ll moor up inside the reef and you’ll get some more opportunities to explore this gorgeous island. Perhaps hire a SUP and go for a paddle in one of the lagoons, or alternatively hire bikes or mopeds to explore the islands. Or simply laze on the white sand beach in the shade of a palm tree with a cocktail in hand. We’ll meet up for dinner at the Mauari restaurant, the best on the island featuring fresh seafood.

Included: All meals


Today we sail to the south of Raiatea to Opoa Bay, an area steeped in history. The lagoon was once a major staging area for long-distance Polynesian voyages that led to the settlement of New Zealand and the establishment of the Maori. The sea was integral to Polynesian culture, thus it is no surprise that the Polynesians built a major religious center at Opoa because of the area’s great importance as a port. Faaroa Bay in particular was a key location due to its protection from most wind directions. Today, a small village is on the shores of the bay, and there are vanilla plantations inland.  Ashore in Opoa is the archaeological site of Taputapuatea Marae, restored in 1994. Work continues to preserve the marae, which is being tentatively considered for inclusion as a World Heritage Site. The great stone altar is the centerpiece, but there are many other points of interest, such as stone figures called Tikis. The size of the complex indicates its importance. It dates back earlier than 1000 A.D. and was a place of sacrifices to the gods and gatherings of the best seamen in Polynesia who passed on their knowledge to students. We’ll enjoy another delicious meal together at one of the local restaurants.

Included: All meals


Tahaa is a beautiful, mountainous island known for its many vanilla plantations ensconced in valleys. It is very similar in nature to Huahine in terms of agriculture and the laid-back ambience. Haamene Bay cruising brings you to the largest protected body of water on the island. We moor up next to the Hibiscus Restaurant, where we enjoy a leisurely lunch  together. If time allows, there is a scenic hiking trail at the head of the bay through the dense tropical forest over Mt. Taira to the head of Hurepiti Bay.

We set off bound for a sail out of Raiatea and to the opening in the reef at Taha’a where we’ll spend the night. Visit one of the Black Pearl farms, or take a hike and enjoy an incredible Pacific sunset. We head out to one of the many great restaurants which also serve fantastic cocktails.

Included: All meals


Sandy islands (motus) dot the barrier reef of Bora-Bora, at the far edge of the lagoon. The last land along the reef on the southeast side of the island is Motu Piti Aau and Taurere. We’ll anchor for lunch at Motu Tape, before heading to the Lagoonarium where you can swim with fish, sharks, and rays without any worries. It’s a great experience for kids and adults alike.

Taurere is a beautiful place to anchor for the night. Looking northwest toward the lush green mountains presents a fabulous view. There’s a stunningly beautiful coral garden for snorkeling. Or we can take the dinghy into the many inlets of the nearby motus, enjoying a stroll on the beach, collecting shells or having a swim before enjoying dinner.

Included: All meals


The lagoon widens north of Pt. Raititi with Povai Bay to the east along the shore of Bora-Bora. The scenery is truly spectacular. To the west is the small island of Topua, the only remaining vestiges of the massive volcano that formed Bora-Bora.

Tonight you’ll get to stay at a spectacular over water hotel and we’ll enjoy dinner together on this instagram-worthy island.

Included: All meals


After breakfast, you’ll have to leave this little piece of paradise behind and take your flight back to Papeete and your return flight home.

Included: Breakfast

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Dates & Prices

Friday 8 August 2025 - Sunday 17 August 202510 days£7500€8995$9750

If you would like advice about flight options, please call our UK or US office’s. Many airlines offer flights to Tahiti International (PPT).  For UK travellers, have a look at for your best flight options. Air France or KLM are great carriers. For USA based travellers, we suggest Exito Travel who can provide you with a competitive flight quote. Alternatively, there are some excellent options with United and Air Tahiti out of LAX and SFO. Because of the distance involved, you might like to consider stopping off for a day or so on the way to break up the journey, if you have the time. Please note, this trip requires flights into and out of Tahiti International Airport (PPT) Flights through to Moorea and Raiatea before the trip and back from Raiatea back to Papeete are included in our trip cost.
Our price and departure date information below does not include your international flights. This trip requires 4 guests minimum and has a maximum of 8 guests. On top of this, you will have a skipper and deckhand.

Please ensure you DO NOT book your flights until your trip is CONFIRMED to run by our office. Please check with us first.

In order to secure your place you can pay just your deposit now of $1500 per participant. The final payment isn’t due until 130 days before your trip.

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