Chile is a country of extremes with the Atacama Desert in the north being one of the driest places on earth, complimented by the lush rainforest and scenery of Patagonia. Chile is a very elongated country, being the equivalent in distance from top to bottom as Edinburgh to Baghdad. With the Pacific Ocean to the west of the country and the Andes to the east, this country has been blessed with amazing scenery. Nowhere is this more evident than with a rafting trip on the Rio Futaleufu. The stunning turquoise water framed with lush vegetation and spectacular mountains, make it the perfect destination for your rafting vacation in Chile.

At a glance


9 days



Arrival Airport

Puerto Montt (PMC)

river grade
Air Temp

24°C (75°F)

Water Temp

15°C (57°F)


7 nights luxury


1 night

The Rio Futaleufu is no ordinary river. Born in the Los Alerces National Park in Argentina it flows west into Chile, through landscapes dominated by snow capped volcanoes and rich rain forest before arriving at the coastal town of Chaiten. Meaning...

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