Meet Steve Hammond – Water By Nature Trip Leader

21st November 2013

Steve Hammond , our charming Englishman, answers a few questions in between his busy schedule in Nepal.

Tell us why you like guiding for Water By Nature?

Morocco, Zambezi ,Turkey and Nepal! What amazing places to have your work!! It still blows me away that i get to go to all these amazing countries and get paid for it. Living the dream!
This is a very hard question to answer  in such few words, but the people , culture, the remoteness of the rivers, the diversity of each and every country and of course the epic rafting and kayaking. I’m in a job that I love and try to excel myself on each and every trip! It’s an amazing opportunity that i grasp with both hands.

Smiley Steve after preparing lunch on the way to the river

Smiley Steve after preparing lunch on the way to the river

Best moment on a river trip?

OK an easy one!! I met my wonderful fiancee Stacey on the Mighty Zambezi. That trip was epic !

Favorite guides to work with and why?

I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people from all different walks of life. The experience and humor of working with my boss, Hamish is always mega-fun. Lovemore’s singing and happiness, always a joy to run rivers with him. Stan’s wealth of knowledge and experience is amazing to learn from. Dan, Mikey, Tembo and Chris, can’t wait to run trips with these guys.

Your best desert ever prepared on a  river trip?

The most comments I ever get is when I bake a cake on a camp fire. Chocolate cake with melted chocolate in the centre with dark cherries is the winner I think!

Favourite destination?

Tough to choose between the Zambezi river or the scenery and culture of Morocco. I think Morocco has to win because these trips are not just about the “river” but all the other aspects of the adventure. The explosion on the senses to the eyes, body and soul of what Morocco has to offer. The diversity of this place draws me back year after year.

We hear sometimes you drive the van out to Morocco. What is that like?

Always an epic adventure. We pack the van full of all the kit for the season and make our way from Northern England though France, Spain and into Morocco having as many adventures as possible along the way. Plenty of time to organize all the gear, camps and do staff training before the first guest arrives. I also try and squeeze some kayaking and surfing in as well!

What was it like working on the river safety for Expedition Impossible?

Again, set in Morocco, a mind blowing experience  to work along side a big international crew for TV with over 200 people working on the project. We were treated to exploring new parts of Morocco and it was amazing to see it on television when it came out in the States.  Very impressive organization and feel privileged to add to my resume.

You are out for your first season in Nepal. What things do you like about Nepal as a destination?

Nepal is just epic. Warm water, huge rapids, remote rivers and truly enchanting people. This is my 1st season and just back from the Sun Kosi and the Karnali. These are epic expeditions, 9 days or so on the river with huge beaches and gorgeous camps. I would wholly recommend the Karnali river as one of the top trips around! Off to do the Tamur tomorrow!! Woo woo, loving life!!!!

Steve tackling the big water on the Tamur River in Nepal

Steve tackling the big water on the Tamur River in Nepal

If you only had one river that you could work on for the rest of time, what would it be and why?

Zambezi! It’s like nothing else. The friendliest, fluffiest, biggest waves on any river… and always changing. It is impossible to get bored and it always keeps me on my toes. With the dam going ahead, I want to be out there and run it as much as I can. LOVE the multi-days there!

Thanks a lot Steve, we’ll let you get back to having fun on the river. See you in Morocco! Read more about Steve in our 2014 Brochure on Page 10

by Hamish McMaster

Hamish McMaster is the Water By Nature owner. He has spent the past 25 years exploring and playing on the world's great rivers. He still loves nothing more than getting out there and sharing adventures.

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