At the end of a great day on the river, cool après rafting drinks will be served to you along with platters of snacks. You will love sipping your gin and tonic or cold beer amongst spectacular surroundings.

Nothing tastes better than a delicious meal cooked by your guide, who transforms into a fantastic riverside chef in the evening. (River guides actually think of themselves as cooks and cleaners who raft to work each day). Some of our team are even trained chefs. You will be amazed at just what will be whipped up out of the raft’s coolers. We cater for all dietary preferences as long as you let us know!

On our sailing vacations, food is next level. Our skippers and crew present meals of the highest standard both on the sailboat for breakfast and lunch (and wonderful apres-sail canapes or wine and cheese, but in the vast array of wonderful restaurants we have explored over the years. Croatia is particularly wonderful if you are a ‘foodie’ with its’ Michelin Star restaurants we take you to on the trip. Breakfast in seaside cafe’s and sampling the wonderful wines and local beers on offer as well.

On our Greek trips, you’ll be taken to gorgeous seaside tavernas for a fabulous meal with the friendliest locals we have found.