Stern Raft:

The set up of choice by many guides on the Zambezi and in Chile. The guide sits at the back of the raft with a pair of oars to give added power to the rest of their crew who are paddling (as in a paddle raft) to assist them in getting through large waves and allow them to manoeuvre the boat easily.

Safety Kayak:

An integral part of all of our trips with Water By Nature. Safety kayakers head down the river first in front of the lead paddle raft and they are there to rescue a swimmer should you accidentally fall out of the raft. Although it looks like great fun (and it is) our safety kayakers take their job seriously.

raft paddling on the Zambezi with safety kayaker


A very stable raft with two large pontoons and a frame in the middle where the guide sits and rows on their own. We use this type of boat on our more challenging departures such as the Futaleufu in Chile and on occasion on other trips when we experience high water.

Paddle Raft:

Possibly one of the most fun methods to get down rivers. You will have up to 8 paddlers in a raft with a guide sitting at the back of the raft calling commands. “Forward, back paddle, jump right, left turn and hold on” may be a few instructions they will use. These guys and girls are very skilled at their job, guiding you through the whitewater, safely.

Oar Raft:

Be nice to this guide! They carry all the food, beer, wine and supplies for the whole trip. This is a traditional raft but with all the thwarts removed to give added space. The guide sits in the middle of the raft with a set of oars navigating their boat through all the same rapids that you run in your paddle/stern raft.

Inflatable Kayak:

If you have a real sense of adventure and would like to get an idea of what it is like to paddle a kayak this can be a great option. We only offer this possibility in Morocco on the Ahansel River and on the Zambezi, yes the Zambezi, as a day trip on the Ultimate Adventure.