You’ll be woken by the warmth of the sun hitting the sides of your tent or the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Time doesn’t matter here. We live by the rhythm of nature. After a yummy breakfast, packing up the camp and having a warm up, you will be getting excited about the day’s adventure ahead.

Mid morning

The fun starts when the first rapid of the day splashes over the boat. Calmer sections between the rapids are a chance to share a few stories, jokes and lies on the raft with your fellow adventurers. Along the way we will take time out to hike to a nearby waterfall or remote village.

Mid day

After a few more exciting rapids we spontaneously decide it is time for lunch and seek out the world’s best lunch spot for that day. Lunch consists of an array of fresh salads, fruit, platters of meats and cheeses so you can put together your own special “riverside sandwich”. With a full tummy it is time for a little siesta in the shade or a hike to a nearby waterfall.

Back on the river you will tackle some more fun white water. Depending on what river you are on, you may spot some wildlife sunning itself on the banks of the river, drinking or flying above. There is always something to look at, even if it is just the stunning scenery.

Image of group in front of waterfall on the Karnali river


Early afternoon we hit camp. After unpacking the rafts and setting up camp, it is time to enjoy some cool sundowner drinks and snacks. Bar is open! The time is yours to do what you like: read a book, have a chat, play some cards, swim, or take a walk.

The guides will rustle up a gourmet feast for dinner. This might include your own personal pizza or a delicious lasagne followed by a surprise dessert… You will be amazed what can be whipped up on a camp stove.


After a fun-filled day it is time to relax in front of the tv ,caveman tv, that is…our camp fire! Tired? Time for bed…there are no clocks here. Sweet dreams are sure to be had in your either in your tent or if you choose, in your “million star hotel”, outside.