Brian Sidenberg

Senior guide

Where do you call home?

I’m from Thousand Oaks in Southern California.

What do you love most about multi-day trips?

Cooking meals next to the river.

When did you start working for Water By Nature?

I did my first trip with Water by Nature in October 2018.

Your best river meal you like to prepare?

I really enjoy anything you can cook in the dutch oven.

Favourite Rapid?

My favorite rapid is Tunnel Chute on the Middle fork American river in Northern California.

Most important piece of equipment you take on every adventure?

I always have to have my sunglasses with me.

Biggest achievement to date?

I got out of bed this morning!

What do you do when you are not on the river?

When I’m not on the river I really enjoy golfing.

Favourite band?

My favorite artist is Jack Johnson.

Anywhere still on the rafting ‘bucket list’?

I hope to get on the Futa in Chile one day as well as the Zambezi in Africa.