7 Of The Best Fall and Winter Rafting Adventures

13th August 2019

Hamish McMaster sat down with the team in the office and the guide crews on the water to come up with our favourite autumn and winter adventures.

 If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle a little coming out of summer and heading into winter, knowing that it can be a long time between adventures. Being a global rafting and adventure company, we endeavour to provide adventure at the best possible time of year. So, from October onwards, here are our picks for the best adventures to take away those winter blues.

  1. Papua New Guinea: Our latest and greatest adventure is amazing for those wanting a real ‘off the beaten track’ journey to this undiscovered destination. We love the people — however, the factor that wins for us is visiting a country before it is overrun with tourists. You’ll feel like a pioneer as you raft down the jungle-clad gorges of the Watut River and explore the remote islands of New Ireland province by sea kayak and snorkel. (Season: October) 

    The Watut is one of the best rivers on the planet when we visit!


  2. The Rio Futaleufu, Chile: Patagonia has some of the most stunning scenery on earth. If you travel to this majestic part of the world, be prepared for clear water, fish swimming beneath you, dramatic peaks above you and lush forests framing your view. Different to many of our other trips, you’ll be based at our stunning riverside camp where we head out and run different sections of the river each day, culminating in ‘Summit Day’ where you’ll get to run some pretty outstanding whitewater. (Season: December – March) 

    Stan and his crew in the middle of Casa de Piedra


  3. Nepal: This is a firm favourite amongst guides and clients alike. People love returning to Nepal, as each trip offers something unique. The people are amazing, the scenery breathtaking and the rivers… simply awesome. One of our guests has just booked his third trip on the Karnali. Many people also go from the Karnali to the Tamur to experience the stunning views on the hike into the river. (Season: October) 

    Beautiful big volume rivers to run in Fall in Nepal


  4. The Zambezi: Yes, that wonderful and iconic river can still be run in October before the onset of the summer rains. It will be hot, but it sure is a great time to get on a river with the refreshing splashes cooling you down at each corner. Being in a gorge, shade tends to hit the beaches at around 4pm and depending on which beach we stop at, you may even get a sleep in before the guides deliver your coffee. (Season: July – October) 

    After running the Zambezi for 25 years, it never gets any less FUN!


  5. New Zealand River Rafting Road Trip: If you love rafting, this is your ideal trip. We’ve chosen the best trips on offer in New Zealand for you to ride to your heart’s content. We fly in to the Karamea, raft the iconic Rangitikei in the North Island, all the while taking enough time to stop and experience ‘real’ New Zealand. You’ll get time to explore Queenstown and delve into some lesser known and remote parts of this wonderful country. (Season: February) 

    7 different rivers, helicopter fly ins. This trip has it all.


  6. The Franklin River, Tasmania: Set in the stunning World Heritage area, the Franklin River is an iconic 10 day rafting adventure. As well as some amazing whitewater on offer, we get to explore caves with some extremely old aboriginal drawings and watch the weird and wonderful animal life such as platypus and Tasmanian devils. (Season: November – April) 

    Did anyone say wilderness? The Franklin is remote and stunning.


  7. Multi-Active New Zealand: This trip is our owner’s baby. Leading the journey, he shares all of his favourite parts of his home country. You’ll get to take in the Bay Of Islands on his niece’s boat, explore vineyards, swim with dolphins, stay on a high country sheep farm, explore Queenstown, fly to Milford, whitewater raft on the Landsborough River, sea kayak and much more! If you are up to really SEE New Zealand, this is your trip. (Season: February, March) 

    More than 10 amazing adventures in just 2 weeks in New Zealand

Any of our favourites catch your fancy? We’ve got plenty more stories to share about each. Get in touch and we can chat about them — believe us, this is what we love to talk about.

by Hamish McMaster

Hamish McMaster is the Water By Nature owner. He has spent the past 25 years exploring and playing on the world's great rivers. He still loves nothing more than getting out there and sharing adventures.

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