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Which Ports And Towns To Visit On A Croatian Sailing Trip

Hamish McMaster

One of the biggest joys of going on a sailing holiday, are the wonderful ports and towns you visit along the way. With so many incredible places to stay on the islands in Croatia, here are some of our best picks to stop on a week long sailing vacation of the central Dalmatian Coast. Trogir: […]

The Best Places To Eat on Croatia’s Adriatic

Barnaby Shand

Did you know that Croatia has a blossoming food scene? Food is always an unforgettable pillar of any Water By Nature holiday, whether it’s a feast seemingly whipped up from nothing on the Zambezi’s beaches, or a Michelin-starred restaurant perched on the Adriatic, and Croatia is no exception. Here’s a quick run-down of some of […]

How Do Your Sailing Vacations Work?

Hamish McMaster

Water By Nature is known for our white-water trips around the globe, so why the pivot into sailing? We love nothing more than being on the water, whether that is floating down the Zambezi, meandering through the gorges on the Ahansel River in Morocco, or island hopping in Croatia on board a beautiful sailboat.. As […]

Falling In Love In The Great Outdoors

Hamish McMaster

Valentine’s day, when all those people who are loved up feel awesome about that special person in their life while others who perhaps are not feeling quite so fortunate after disastrous online dating experiences are wondering how the hell you get to meet someone. We have a secret to tell you. Many a relationship has […]

What’s On Your ‘Must Do In 2022’ List?

Hamish McMaster

2021 possibly won’t rate as one of the greatest years of all time for those of us who love travel and indeed those travel companies who have continued to fight through the uncertainty and constantly changing regulations. However, we are stoked that we managed to pull off several trips this year and we are eternally […]

A Welcome Break From Covid Chaos

Hamish McMaster

I was recently fortunate enough to travel to Greece for a week of sailing at the end of October with family and friends and to be perfectly honest, it was just what the Doctor ordered! In a world filled with uncertainty and a lack of positivity, the opportunity to island hop, swim in the ocean, […]

Here Comes 2020 – Grade V All The Way

Hamish McMaster

In February 2020, a crew of adventurers and I were busy having fun in New Zealand. The only challenges we were facing were standard for an adventure company — re-arranging the order of rivers on our New Zealand River Rafting Road Trip given the large amount of rain we were getting. We followed this with […]

Sailing The Greek Islands Has It All

Hamish McMaster

Hamish McMaster, Water By Nature owner and master of rivers around the world, reflects on how this upcoming sailing trip takes him back to his ‘roots’. My love for rivers and rafting came from growing up on the beaches of Auckland, New Zealand, where from a young age my parents encouraged me to sail yachts. […]