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8 days
Arrival Airport
Livingstone (LVI) Zambia
river grade
Air Temp
35°C (95°F)
Water Temp
24°C (75°F)
3 nights
4 nights


As featured on ITV2 Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie with Jack Osbourne and Elijah Wood, this is the trip for those who want to experience the best of the best in their week’s holiday. We run this shorter rafting holiday for those wanting all the biggest and best rapids on the Zambezi River, plus some wonderful game viewing safari in Chobe National Park in Botswana. In addition to warm water rafting, you will experience expansive beach campsites, wonderful wildlife and a spectacular helicopter flight over Victoria Falls – read on as Africa delivers a feast…
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Destination Map & Video

What you will be up to


Arrive into Livingstone where you’ll be met by your Trip Leader and taken to the David Livingstone Safari Lodge. Late afternoon we will embark on a sunset cruise on the gorgeous Upper Zambezi, before returning to our hotel.

Not included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner


After a thorough safety talk and paddle instructions, we will start rafting from underneath Victoria Falls, ( not above as we do get asked ) one of “The Seven Wonders of the Natural World”. Today we will challenge rapids such as Star Trek, Stairway to Heaven and Devils Toilet Bowl…. are just a few.

Included: All meals


We load the rafts with all our food and equipment for the rest of the trip and take on exhilerating rapids such as Creamy White Buttocks, the Mother and OBLIVION!

Included: All meals


Amazing sights of Fish Eagles amidst other great rapids, Open Season, the Narrows and one of our favourites, Upper Moemba! This is a great adrenaline rush to end the day.

Included: All meals


We portage the rafts around Lower Moemba. At Chabango Falls we leave our gear raft and portage the rafts and kayaks and run the amazing rapid, Ghostrider! Our helicopter will be waiting and will give you an amazing 20 minute flight through the gorge, as well as a flight over the the spectacular Victoria Falls. We overnight in a hotel and go out for dinner together, reflecting on a great day.

Included: All meals


Breakfast at your hotel and a short transfer by paved road to Chobe National Park in Botswana for your safari.

Included: All meals


Chobe National Park is famous for its huge herds of elephants as well as antelope , hippos, baboons and Africa’s symbol of strength, the lion.

Included: All meals


After a game drive and wholesome breakfast we return to Livingstone Airport in Zambia for our flight home.

Included: Breakfast

Speak to a WBN Advisor

UK +44 1709 802 203

USA +1 303 261 8896

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Dates & Prices

Sunday 31 July 2022 - Sunday 7 August 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Saturday 6 August 2022 - Saturday 13 August 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Saturday 13 August 2022 - Saturday 20 August 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Sunday 14 August 2022 - Sunday 21 August 20228 days£FULL€FULL$FULL
Saturday 20 August 2022 - Saturday 27 August 20228 days£FULL€FULL$FULL
Sunday 21 August 2022 - Sunday 28 August 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Saturday 27 August 2022 - Saturday 3 September 20228 days£FULL€FULL$FULL
Sunday 28 August 2022 - Sunday 4 September 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Saturday 3 September 2022 - Saturday 10 September 20228 days£FULL€FULL$FULL
Sunday 4 September 2022 - Sunday 11 September 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Saturday 17 September 2022 - Saturday 24 September 20228 days£FULL€FULL$FULL
Sunday 18 September 2022 - Sunday 25 September 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Sunday 2 October 2022 - Sunday 9 October 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Sunday 16 October 2022 - Sunday 23 October 20228 days£3295€3695$4495
Sunday 23 October 2022 - Sunday 30 October 20228 days£3295€3695$4495

Flights to Livingstone, Zambia

We are always happy to give advice on flight options for your Zambezi adventure. Please call our UK or US office.

There are many options for your flight to Livingstone via Johannesburg with VirginLufthansaSouth African or Etihad. Fewer options exist between Johannesburg and Livingstone (LVI). For this sector you can buy flights with South African or BA.  For UK customers, we suggest checking on for good deals. In the U.S., try Exito Travel for a competitive quote.

Please ensure you DO NOT book your flights until your trip is CONFIRMED to run by our office.

We have price and departure date information here (river prices only – flights not included).

In order to secure your place just pay your deposit  of £600 per person (U.S. customers pay USD$750). Your final trip payment is not due until 90 days before your trip. See our Terms and Conditions for full payment terms.

Please note that prices shown in Euros and USD are indicative only, as they fluctuate daily. The actual rate payable is always GBP only. Prices shown in GBP & USD are payable. UK residents should pay in GBP and USA residents should pay in USD.

Get in touch & we'll get back to you

What you should bring

We find most of our clients have in their posession already what is needed for our river rafting expeditions. We have broken down here the items into what you’ll need on the river and in camp. Each guest will get a drybag to use for the trip once in Livingstone. A short video on the size of this and how to pack your drybag can be viewed here. An equipment list of what you will require for your adventure will be sent to you prior to your departure along with your Water By Nature Travel Bag.

River Fashion:

Download equipment file

Current COVID Travel Status To Zambia

Travelling from the US

Zambia is open to travellers from the US

Entry and Exit Requirements

  • Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes
    • For additional information on COVID-19 related guidelines and measures at Zambian airports, please go here.
  • Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? Yes.
    • The current policy of the Zambian government is for testing to be done within 72 hours prior to arrival in Zambia. Those with negative COVID-19 test done over 72 hours before arrival in Zambia may be required to get an antigen COVID-19 testing at the airport. We recommend that you check with your airline for the latest guidance before departure.
  • Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry?  Yes.
    • Zambia has implemented limited screening upon arrival at the international airport in Lusaka.  The screening entails completing COVID-19 risk assessment form and may include using no-touch thermometers (“thermo-scanners”) to check body temperature.   Symptomatic individuals will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and may be asked to submit samples for additional COVID-19 testing.
  • A negative COVID-19 test is not required by the Zambian government to exit Zambia but may be required by airlines in order to board international flights or by countries-of-destination in order to enter their borders.
  • For information regarding visa extensions for residents and/or tourists, please go here.

Quarantine Information 

  • Are U.S. citizens required to quarantine? No
  • As long as travelers to Zambia apply for entry to the country with a negative COVID-19 test conducted within the previous 72 hours, there is no quarantine. Travelers without this test will be denied entry.


Updated: 22 April 2021

Travelling from the UK

Zambia is open to travellers from the UK.

Zambia’s borders are open, but under health screening.

Tourist and business visit visas are available in advance and on arrival in Zambia.

All travellers to Zambia must produce evidence of a PCR COVID-19 negative test taken in the 72 hours prior to departure from the country of origin. Visitors are responsible for monitoring their condition for 14 days after arrival, and should report any occurrence of COVID-19 symptoms to medical authorities.

Travelling from elsewhere then contact us to find out the latest.

The Zambezi Blast rafting reviews

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Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
Very good0%

Great River Trip!

Rated 5 out of 5
2nd July 2018

I loved Zambia and rafting on the greatest whitewater in the world! The guides were expert boatmen and took us safely through exciting rapids like I had never seen before. We slept on pristine beaches along the river and stayed in lovely hotels once we were off. One hotel had a watering hole near a deck so we were able to watch wildlife gather to drink.
Being in Zambia and Botswana were cultural experiences I would not trade. I actually petted LIONS! The safari after the river trip was extremely fascinating and we were close enough to almost touch giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, hippos. I loved this trip.

Betsy A Barker

Fast & Furious, but highly enjoyable

Rated 5 out of 5
24th June 2018

I”ve been on this trip twice now; the first time with my wife and the second time with my father-in-law who was 75 at the time.
In my opinion its the trip that gives the best ‘bang for your buck’ over a week. The adventure starts on day one, hour one, when you head off from underneath Victoria Falls – from then on, in its a roller coaster of epic class 4 and 5 rapids for the rest of the week.
During the evenings, the WBN Team have scouted out the best beaches and the evenings are spent on the river bank, eating good food prepared by the WBN crew, having a drink with your fellow guests around a beach fire and sharing a story or two. No need for ipads or iPhones, this is back to basics, human communication.
When youre ready, you go to bed under a canopy of stars – with little to zero light pollution, the stars are amazing. You don’t really need to sleep in a tent (I never have) as its comfortable enough with just your sleeping bag.
To cap it all off, after the last rapid, you fly out of the gorge on a helicopter, flying back over the rapids you’ve just ridden – epic…!!
Overall this is one of the best rafting trips you can do and I would highly recommend Water by Nature to do this trip with – safety and fun being their mantra.

Gary Boon

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