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Mother Nature Is In Charge – Covid-19

Hamish McMaster

Be warned, this is not an e mail to tell you to wash your hands or that we have implemented a policy of hand sanitising (we already do this stuff on trips).  Those of you who have travelled with us before will know we have no shortage of loo roll. We even put a square […]

An Emotional 120 Hours In Nepal

Hamish McMaster

Given the generous donations from our guests, I wanted to ensure the money got into the hands of the guides it was intended for. Having worked in Nepal for more than 25 years, the country that has given me personally and many of our guests such joy, needed help. Given the grand scale of the […]

Tourism Will Be The Way To Rebuild Nepal

Hamish McMaster

I am sure you will all be as shocked as we have been to see the horrific images and death toll to come out of Nepal after the 25th April earthquake that struck in the Gorkha region between the main cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara. Nepal already had a fragile and often stretched infrastructure, but […]

Dr David Livingstone’s Bicentenary 2013

Hamish McMaster

Agreed by many as one of the most influential explorers of the Victorian era, Dr David Livingstone holds a special place in the history of Africa and in particular his memorable words when he first laid eyes on what he named Victoria Falls (Mosi Oa Tunya in the local Bemba language) “A sight so lovely […]

A Loo With A View!

Hamish McMaster

We all can sometimes have inhibitions when it comes to going to the loo outdoors, so it is good to know what is involved. When it comes down to it, going to the “loo” in the outdoors, it can be a liberating and fun experience. Our toilet is located well away from camp and will […]