Three Big Water Rafting Adventures After Running The Zambezi

9th December 2016

We are often asked by our clients after rafting the Zambezi, ‘what next?’ With its big warm water, gorgeous beaches and excellent wildlife, what could possibly match it? Here are our (and our guests) favourite follow on rivers to the Mighty Zambezi.

The Tamur River, Nepal: A world class adventure in the heart of the Himalayas. Far more than a river trip, the Tamur offers a gorgeous 4 day hike into the river, along a beautiful ridgeline littered with rhododendron forests and fascinating villages. View the beautiful Makalu and Kanchenjunga along with numerous other Himalayan peaks on the hike in. Once at the river, expect a fabulous set of rapids totaling 140 rapids in 120 kilometres. You’ll camp on deserted beaches basking in the warm temperatures we get on the river. Operates in April, October and November.

Thrill a minute rafting on the Tamur with 14 rapids in 120km

Thrill a minute rafting on the Tamur with 14 rapids in 120km

The Watut River, Papua New Guinea. Now this is an epic adventure. Sure there are exciting rapids like BARAAHP (Between A Rock And A Hard Place) Bikpela, Four Part Harmony and Brexit to name just a few. But it’s the location that puts PNG on the adventure lovers’ agenda. We head deep into barely explored gorges surrounded by rainforest exploding with wildlife, completely off the beaten track. You’ll meet local tribes and experience their unique culture. After that excitement, we head to Nusa Island for some R&R.

The Watut is one of the best rivers on the planet when we visit!

The Brahmaputra River, India. This river offers a real expedition feel. The Great River as it is referred to in India, originates in Tibet where it is named the Tsangpo. You’ll explore a remote unique region in India famed for its assam tea and stunning wilderness. Challenge rapids such as Ningguing and Pulsating Pulsi on our first day on the river! The Brahmaputra river offers a vast array or Class IV and V rapids and is a must do for big water enthusiasts. This river is 7 times the volume of the Zambezi, so expect 25-40 foot waves on this superb trip. Operates in November.

Explore the vast Brahmaputra River in India

Explore the vast Brahmaputra River in India

The Mighty Zambezi, Zambia. Well, lets face it, who wouldn’t want to go back to this incredible river! Either take in our Zambezi Blast trip with 4 days rafting, helicopter flight and a stunning luxury safari in Botswana, or on our Ultimate Adventure trip, choose your own activities for 2 days including walking with cheetahs and lions to swimming in the Devils Pool above the Victoria Falls. For those wanting more river time, explore the full river, before the dam planned for construction begins, on our Mighty Zambezi trip on this 120 km journey. Ideal time for the Zambezi, is late July until November.

The Zambezi river is ALWAYS 100% fun.

The Zambezi river is ALWAYS 100% fun.

We all love big water! It puts a real smile on your face, no matter whether you are an avid rafter or you are yet to embark on your first trip. If you enjoy these trips half as much as we do, you are about to have a trip of a lifetime! Bring on the big water fun!

by Hamish McMaster

Hamish McMaster is the Water By Nature owner. He has spent the past 25 years exploring and playing on the world's great rivers. He still loves nothing more than getting out there and sharing adventures.

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