Ruby Nicholson-Kelly

Raft Guide

Where do you call home?

Manapouri, New Zealand

What do you love most about multi-day trips?

Leaving my cellphone and the worries of the world behind!

When did you start working for Water By Nature?

Will be starting in March of 2019! Woohoo!

Your best river meal you like to prepare?

Love a good camp oven scone

Favourite Rapid?

Meat Grinder, on the Nahatlatch river in Canada.

Most important piece of equipment you take on every adventure?

My hammock!

Biggest achievement to date?

Flying solo in a fixed wing aircraft.

What do you do when you are not on the river?

Eat, sleep

Favourite band?

Fat Freddy’s Drop

Best River story?

What happens on the river stays on the river

Favourite rafting trips?

Landsborough, Clarence, Waitoto (New Zealand Rivers)

Anywhere still on the rafting ‘bucket list’?

Karnali, Nepal!