Josh Cooper

Trip Leader

Where do you call home?

Apollo Bay, Australia. I haven’t spent much time there lately, but I still call it home.

What do you love most about multi-day trips?

Tough question, because there are so many things I love about multi-day trips!  Rafting through places that very few people ever get to see, as they are only accessible by river, is something pretty special. I really enjoy being away from everything while we are on the river too (phones, internet, TV, etc), and just being on “river time.”

When did you start working for Water By Nature?

My first season for Water By Nature was in Morocco at the beginning of 2017.

Your best river meal you like to prepare?

A good Lasagne is hard to beat after a day on the water.

Favourite Rapid?

Godshouse on the Karnali River in Nepal

Most important piece of equipment you take on every adventure?

A pair of Crocs.. Best shoes to wear around camp, and they look great too.

Biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement would be having the opportunity to do what I love, in some amazing locations, and getting paid to do it! Sharing these incredible places with people is something I am passionate about and I still pinch myself that I get to do this for a job.

What do you do when you are not on the river?

Not on the river? A rare occurrence for me these days, but if I am not on the river you’ll probably find me somewhere outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, surfing. Or I’ll be in the kitchen, I do enjoy a bit of baking every now and then.

Favourite rafting trips?

Tamur River in Nepal. Epic views of the Himalayas on the trek in, and exciting, continuous whitewater make an awesome all round trip. The Landsborough River on the South Island of New Zealand is also a river that I love, the scenery is incredible!

Anywhere still on the rafting ‘bucket list’?

Too many. The Futaleufu, the Zambezi and the Grand Canyon are three that are definitely up near the top of the list.