Hamish McMaster

Company Owner & Senior Trip Leader

Country of origin – New Zealand

After his 18 years running rivers to every corner of the world, Hamish loves nothing more than to get out on trips with his clients. Water By Nature has cemented its name in the Adventure Travel business in the past 8 years and is at the forefront of exploring new and exciting destinations. Mush is proud of his team and his company who are all “living their dreams” and sharing that philosophy with all who join them.

Favourite river trips

Zanskar River

“Ever since I have been a kid, running rivers has been part of my life. I love the escapism a river brings not only to me,, but the great people that accompany us on our trips. This year we’ll be making our first trip to India and running the majestic Zanskar River. Rivers are such important arteries in the world, and this trip is no exception. You’ll see sights on this trip, that you would not be able to see by any other means than travelling with a raft. We’ll trek to Buddhist Monasteries and journey downstream to the Indus river, giving this wonderful country her name.”

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The Mighty Zambezi

“The Zambezi for me is one of the classic river trips the world has to offer. The big warm water, spectacular beaches and stunning scenery make it unique. Sitting watching water tumble over a Grade Six waterfall from our camp, enjoying a Gin and Tonis is not a bad way to finish off you day! Africa really gets into your soul. Its a wonderful experience, so much so, my wife and I married on the Zambezi 2 years ago.”

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