Grant ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

Senior Trip Leader & Safety Kayaker

Where do you call home?

Switzerland, although I am a kiwi.

What do you love most about multi-day trips?

Waking up, going rafting, adrenalin, peace, sunsets and river cocktails

When did you start working for Water By Nature?

Last century

Your best river meal you like to prepare?

Greek salad without sand!

Favourite Rapid?

Stairway to Heaven (Number 5) on the Zambezi

Most important piece of equipment you take on every adventure?

Clean dry underwear (not to be underestimated)

Biggest achievement to date

Still having access to the bathroom despite having a teenage daughter

What do you do when you are not on the river?

Talk about going on the river

Best River story? Favourite rafting trips?

They are all good (especially the WBN ones)

Grand Canyon

Anywhere still on the rafting ‘bucket list’?

South America

Tell us something other people may not know about you?

Every time I go on the river I realise there’s still a lot to learn.