Chelsey Voeller

Rafting guide

Where do you call home?

Alberta, Canada

What do you love most about multi-day trips?

The food, of course!

When did you start working for Water By Nature?

March, 2019

Your best river meal you like to prepare?

Fresh english muffins

Favourite Rapid?

Otake surf wave (on the Yoshino River)

Most important piece of equipment you take on every adventure?


Biggest achievement to date?

Teaching others and witnessing their growth

What do you do when you are not on the river?

Practice ukulele, draw, or go hiking

Favourite band?

Killswitch Engaged

Best River story?

When I was guiding in Japan, I inevitably had difficulty with the language barrier. I could only speak so much Japanese before I was out of words. I took a group of young men down the river and I had bumped into a rock. And for a lack of words, started singing the Titanic theme song, My Heart Will Go On. They loved it and wanted to purposely hit rocks for the rest of the trip. They would stand and sing the song at the top of their lungs, even though they didn’t know English. It was a great day to be on a boat.

Favourite rafting trips?

Waiau and Waitoto multi-day trips in New Zealand.

Anywhere still on the rafting ‘bucket list’?

Too many rivers to list here. For sure the Zambezi and East Glacial River (in Iceland). Hopefully the Nile, the American, Ocoee, etc…

Tell us something other people may not know about you?

I used to play and coach competitive ice hockey