Peru River Rafting Vacations and Trips


Peru is a country of outstanding beauty from the heart of the spectacular Andes, to it's fascinating cities such as Cusco, surrounded by fascinating history and wonderful people. Our journeys to Peru take in what we consider to be some of the most remote but fascinating highlights of this country. You will visit and sleep at, ancient Inca Ruins where very few other tourists have ventured. Our multi active vacation takes in the world class Apurimac river, as well as a trip to iconic Machu Picchu. Our Tambopata expedition takes in stunning wildlife and wilderness deep in the jungle. The rivers will challenge you with their technical and continuous rapids. Our highly skilled guide team will safely get you down the hundreds of rapids on the Cotahuasi trip. On completion of your rafting trip, you'll have the option of taking our trip extension to Machu Picchu and exploring Cusco.

Peru Rafting Vacations

No matter which of our rafting adventures you choose, we will share parts of this wondeful country, few get to experience.

Rio Cotahuasi: This is a world class adventure offering literally hundreds of rapids over seven days of rafting this incredible river. The Cotahuasi is renowned as being the world's deepest gorge (along with the Colca) this river is one of the most exciting whitewater rafting trips anywhere in the world. The river is at its best late May and early June. View the spectacular Sipia Falls before you start rafting and on the conclusion of the trip in the vibrant city of Arequipa, and extension is offered to Cusco and on to Macchu Picchu.
Tambopata River: This incredible adventure offers not only excellent world class whitewater rafting, but gives us a wonderful insight into the spectacular wildlife and wilderness in Peru. Jaguars, capybyras and spectacular birdlife can be seen on your journey though this area of outstanding natural beauty and in one of the worlds most stunning natural ecosystems. To travel by raft though the national park is certainly the way to go.
Ultimate Peru: We wanted to highlight the best adventures we felt were on offer in Peru, and this is our multisport adventure. Rafting the Apurimac River is a thrill a minute journey through a spectacular gorge, with equally impressive history. Travel back to Cusco and from there, hike Machu Picchu. If you are after a week of iconic 'bucket list' adventures, this may well be your next vacation! We can't wait for you to join us.