India Adventure Holidays


From the moment you arrive in Delhi, India is a country that will fascinate and amaze you at every turn. Our trips to the remote reaches of the country, combines the best of what India has to offer, with its rich culture, stunning scenery and spectacular white water. Our adventure begins with an awe-inspiring flight over the Himalaya, where on a clear day, you can see as far as K2 and Everest. We will share our knowledge of the wonderful culture, customs and people in this traditionally Buddhist area and explore Leh, the largest town in the area. Our journey to the river takes in magnificent roads and mountain passes giving rise to spectacular scenery. In our ever changing and populated world, this trip allows a chance to escape the masses (yes in India) and explore the un-explored. The river is full of surprises, with it’s magnificent canyons, fun filled rapids and incredible waterfalls to visit, many feel this trip is even more spectacular than the Grand Canyon. Come and explore this fascinating part of India, the Zanskar River and see why everyone is talking about this trip!

India Rafing Holidays

Zanskar River Rafting Take a magnificent journey through the dramatic canyons of the Zanskar River. This adventure explores the rich culture in the area with visits to stunning hillside monasteries and settlements down the river canyon. The trip explores the wonderful Ladakh town of Leh, with its rich tapestry of life before taking the gorgeous drive to the river past hanging glaciers and majectic 4000 metre peaks. Once at the river, our expedition explores the excellent whitewater this river provides. This trip operates in the month of August.
The Brahmaputra River Join us for a unique adventure in a very remote part of the world. In the North East of this wonderful country, the Great River emerges from Tibet, where we begin our journey on this river that is seven times the volume of the Zambezi. Dramatic gorges take us through pristine wilderness, punctuated by enormous beaches. The whitewater is spectacular and unrivalled in this part of the world. If you are after a trip with a difference, join us on this adventure of a lifetime.