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Chile is a country of extremes with the Atacama Desert in the north being one of the driest places on earth, complimented by the lush rainforest and scenery of Patagonia. Chile is a very elongated country, being the equivalent in distance from top to bottom as Edinburgh to Baghdad. With the Pacific Ocean to the west of the country and the Andes to the east, this country has been blessed with amazing scenery. Cast your gaze over the amazing volcanoes from your hotel in Puerto Varas. After our short scenic flight to the coastal town of Chaiten, you'll be immersed in a wonderful and friendly part of the country. Gauchos (cowboys) still roam on their horses in a part of the world that seems unaffected by time. Once in the gorgeous town of Futaleufu, we'll take you to our luxury lodge for a bit of rest and relaxation. Each Cabana has a riverside view and its complimented by an amazing lodge and social area. There is a crystal clear river at your door step and we'll take you for a series of spectacular and thrilling adventures down this great river.

Rafing Vacations

Rio Futaleufu
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Kayaking Vacations

Chile Kayak School - currently unavailable 2018/19